PALO ALTO, CA – April 26, 2011 – TERIS Bay Area announced today that it has hired Ian Bagger as its Director of Client Services for the Bay Area Region. In assuming this new position for the company, Bagger will build and manage an important group responsible for overall client satisfaction. He brings to TERIS a deep background in litigation and electronic discovery management, following a successful career as a practicing attorney. TERIS Bay Area continues to see a dramatic increase in its eDiscovery business in the Bay Area thus far in 2011, and it counts on Bagger to strengthen the client services offering TERIS’s growing business will require.

Bagger has more than 20 years of professional experience, successfully migrating from an early career as an attorney to become one of the industry’s top eDiscovery project management experts. He comes to TERIS from Black Letter Discovery, where he personally managed large-scale electronic discovery projects for AmLaw 100 firms and general counsels of large corporations. While at Black Letter, he also built and led the team of project managers. In addition to serving as an attorney and eDiscovery project manager, Bagger has experience as a professional instructor, having taught preparation courses for students studying for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) for over seven years.

At TERIS, his responsibilities include:

  • Consulting on eDiscovery management for large and complex cases
  • Overseeing the Bay Area Client Services department
  • Enhancing TERIS’s best practices
  • Designing cost effective strategies for exploiting TERIS’s suite of eDiscovery technologies
  • Ensuring that our clients continue to receive the high level project management that they’ve come to expect from TERIS

“Ian has a wide range of professional legal experience that will serve our clients well as Director of Client Services,” said Kevin Brooks, Executive Vice President, TERIS Northern California. “Combined with our other recent hires, TERIS professionals now offer a breadth of expertise that adds real value to our clients as we continue to provide five star service in the marketplace. We are excited about the growth prospects for Ian and are confident he will help us continue to improve our clients’ experience with TERIS.”

Ian is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and received his JD from the University of California, Los Angeles. . He also earned a Diploma with Honors from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center.

Getting on the Right Track Today

Not sure how to get and actually stay sober? The best way is in a structured halfway house environment, which will give you the best chance of getting sober.  Staying sober comes down to a good plan of action, with lots of accountability and support. It is not easy, but it is a worthwhile endeavor, getting sober. If you want to find out more about this way of life, check out this site and contact them to get your recovery started today. You will not regret a minute of it.  It is worth it and you get to meet a lot of great people who are on the same path and are like minded too. Take charge of your life today and start living the fun life in sobriety that you know is possible today. For more basic info visit this article here:

Reimage PC Repair Wizard – Correct Desktop computer Problems

Laptops are amazing if they’re doing the job, but as we all have observed, they don’t work every single time. What is the next step the moment your notebook computer breaks down? Should you contact a high-end repair shop or make an effort to correct it on your own? Many people lack the technical abilities or time, or maybe the perseverance to help repair their computing devices alone. Technological innovation is amazing whenever it’s functioning, and once it isn’t, it’s really a real problem to take care of. It may seem like laptops and modern technology break down at the worst feasible time period, when you need to utilize them the most. If that’s the case for you, its strongly suggest looking at this brilliant computer software available and put to use inside of a few minutes. The software is named Reimage, and it is put to use for Reimage Repair. If you want to fix your desktop computer and have no idea where to start, then start with Reimage PC Repair and help save yourself a lot of time and fear.

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Cool new Site

So I’m always looking for new ways to invest and make money, safely and securely over time and I came across one of the best new ways to invest in precious metals.  This site shows you exactly how to buy silver free shipping, and the guy shows you his actual shipment of silver coins that he got from the broker.

Looks like a pretty cool system he has setup, so I think I’m going to jump on it soon once I get my next paycheck.  Here is a video describing the process too on buying silver coins with free shipping

Let me know what you think and good luck with your investing! Good fortune to you and your family.

Check out the all New Canon G15

There is a new Canon powershot camera coming out soon and it is called the G15.  Canon has skipped a couple of models and jumped from the G12 all the way to the new Canon G15, which is an upgraded and modern version of the G series, which is an in between camera.  It is in between the point and shoot and DSLR cameras, so its a nice fit for any novice or professional. It is incredibly mobile and much more so than a DSLR. The new camera will be coming out soon, and we hope it will before the holiday season. This is a great line of cameras that Canon has made and we are very anxious to get our hands on this camera and see how it performs. Check out this site to learn more about the camera and to stay up to date on the release.

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Opteck.com Emerges as Prominent MarketsPulse Label

When trading binary options, you want to be sure that the site that you use not only has the best binary options brokers, but that they also have software that you can count on. Reading an Opteck review will provide you with all of the information that you need to be sure that you are choosing the right website, and it is also a great place to start when it comes to finding out exactly what Opteck offers you that other sites may not. From the educational material that is available to the ability to make withdrawals when you need to, there are a lot of important factors to consider when choosing a broker.

Opteck.com review provides you with the basics of what you can expect from the website. In some cases they are not easy to follow but the most important information stands out above the rest. Opteck provides an in depth education center that provides new traders with all of the tools necessary to trade successfully, as well as 24 hour support, secure payments and fast withdrawals, and trading tips that you can use to help you along the way. Using Opteck binary broker also allows you to choose a platform where you can trade over 70 different assets using software that is user friendly no matter where you are.

The software that is used at Opteck.com comes from MarketsPulse.com, where the trader is always kept in mind when it comes to software development. Financial expertise is used to make sure that the software is exactly what it needs to be, and it allows for seamless integration into the platform that already exists on the binary options trading site. In order for the information to be reliable, it also provides real-time feed so that you have up to the minute information to make trading more successful. Traders can also be certain that the information that they are entering is as secure as it gets.

Although MarketsPulse software can be found on several trading websites, Opteck.com has become the most prominent site to do so. With this merge, you are getting a trading platform that gives you everything that you need, including the assets that you are most interested in, and software that ensures that you are getting the information that you need when you need it the most. The combination of MarketsPulse and Opteck also provides you with the confidence that you need to trade binary options no matter how new you are to online trading. There are plenty of educational materials available, and a demo account to get you started with binary options trading without risking any of your own investment before you know what you are doing.

IPO Catalog App is the Ideal Trade Show App

Many business to business sales companies are starting realize the potential of technology such as iPads to help simplify their sales presentations. There are now many trade show apps and catalog apps that can allow sales reps to view their catalog, place, orders, and view inventory all from their iPad or smartphone. One of the most useful of these pieces of software available right now is the iPad purchase order app or iPO app. This app enables sales people to have instant access to any information necessary, which can help to increase sales while reducing the amount of time it takes to make a sales presentation and then write sales orders.

The iPad purchase order app works using Dropbox, which is a website that allows users to create an account and then upload and all relevant files to share with anyone else who is given access to the online account or Dropbox. Dropbox was founded in 2007 as a way to quickly share files with yourself and others online, so you can easily access them from any computer as long as you have the password to the Dropbox account. The iPO app works seamlessly with Dropbox to allow a company to upload of their catalog data and customer information, as well as inventory directly to a Dropbox account. This information is then synced to any device which is signed up under the same account. The information is then stored within the app, so it can be accessed even when the mobile device is not online. When sales are made, this information is then relayed back to the Dropbox account and to the office, where it can be synced with your office software to instantly update the inventory. This particular catalog app also gives a company the ability to create custom Dropbox folders for individual customers, which enables them to view a customized catalog from anywhere and even place orders remotely. The app even comes with a bar code scanner for the iPads camera, so you can scan products and bought or sold and the inventory will be automatically updated. Also, when orders are placed, email confirmations are sent instantly to the customer and the office, or if offline, they are immediately sent as soon as the device has an internet connection.

All of these features make this catalog app one of the best, but what really sets it apart from its competitors is the price. While many other apps charge a monthly fee of at least $25 per user, the iPO app has a set price of $99 a year per user, with no hidden fees or extras. The price is even cheaper if you have less than 150 products in your catalog. Overall, no other iPad purchase order app can give you so many features and so much compatibility at such a low price. Get started today: IPO-app.com.

Picking the proper Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

Determining a meth rehab is a huge determination for any individual struggling with liquor addiction. If you take the time to discover the most desirable meth drug rehab center, then you’ll raise your probability of life-long recovery considerably. But, if you select a opiate rehab that’s not of the best standards, then you’ll put your existence along with recovery at risk. In the event you or maybe a sweetheart are troubled with cocaine addiction and are uncertain the best place to go to, you’ll need choose the right option and start living a life which is free of alcohol addiction. So, just how precisely should you pick a long term drug rehab center that is definitely best for you? Not each individual holistic drug rehab treatment center is right for each potential client, so it will be your own option for the craving patient. You’ll know when you start the process what you are actually looking to find, so it is only a matter of finding a drug and alcohol treatment center which provides what you want so you feel comfortable.

Here’s some strategies to enable you to choose the right inpatient alcohol rehab in order to ensure a life of permanent and permanent recovery. To begin with, specifically what is your financial allowance? You might want to choose a xanax rehab treatment center which provides treatment inside your budget and you can afford. For those who have medical health insurance, you can actually have enough money for the inpatient drug rehab utilizing your insurance plan, so be sure you check with the oxycontin rehab to see if they can take your brand of insurance coverage. Not all the insurance is taken in all drug rehabs, so just before getting down to one option, its a good idea to make sure that you can pay for it. You’d like your brain to be entirely focused entirely on drug treatment for your permanent life-long recovery.

Are there other difficulties in addition to craving? Some people that suffer from drug addiction also have root circumstances that ought to be taken care of for instance melancholy, nervousness, among others. People who have these types of conditions, then look for a inpatient alcohol rehab treatment center that gives dedicated treatment choices to successfully handle all of these. If you forget to find a customized long term alcohol rehab center as well as have many of these concerns, you will put your existence and life-long recovery in jeopardy.

Do you actually really need to get sober and get back your life? Should you decide to, its going to take a great deal of responsibility by you. Inpatient Alcohol Rehab isn’t a simple thing, and there is a cause why some people tend not to stay sober for very long following their stop in meth rehab treatment center, since they’re not willing to look into their selves and choose to be honest. If you are prepared to proceed to any distances and pursue after life-long recovery like your health depends upon it, then you could attain lifelong sustained recovery. It is realistic to live a life that is certainly pleasurable and worthwhile in recovery that’s considerably better than you are able to even visualize. So the choice depends on only you. Good luck with all your sustained recovery and we desire that all which truly want to become alcohol free can certainly enjoy a life totally free of drugs and alcohol and therefore the weight of alcohol addiction.

For more information on treatment for addiction, whether it be alcohol or drugs, please visit: http://www.rehabalcoholdrug.com

AvaTrade.com Complements AvaFX Offering

Forex trading is becoming more and more popular in the online trading world. If you are looking into the Forex trading market, an AvaTrade Forex broker can get you started. With demo accounts available to let you get a feel for the market before you begin, you are sure to appreciate everything that AvaTrade has to offer. From the educational value that it provides to the actual ease of the trading experience, AvaTrade.com complements the offerings of AvaFX. Both sites provide useful material no matter how long you have been doing Forex trading, and the sites are easy to navigate so that you are not wasting your time trying to figure out what page it is that you need.

AvaTrade.com provides users with an easy to navigate format with loads of information at their disposal. With market analysis and free trading guides, you are able to get the most informative information in a secure environment. It also provides several trading platforms to choose from and mobile apps for several different kinds of mobile devices. Being able to keep track of your trades while you are on the go is important in todays busy society. At AvaTrade.com you can also take advantage of 24 hour support, fixed spreads and zero commissions. It is a regulated broker site, so you can be sure to trade in confidence knowing that you are trading with a broker that follows strict compliance regulations.

AvaFX regulation also follows strict compliance requirements. AvaFX.com not only offers a secure site to trade on, but they also offer an AvaTrade platform that can be customized to meet individual trader preferences. You get the information that you need where you want it without any searching. The AvaTrade platform lets you earn while trading Forex on your time and in the easiest manner for you while still following all of the rules of the trade. The information that the site provides holds plenty of educational value for both beginners and advanced traders, and all of the information is kept current so that you are getting the best knowledge they can offer you.

With the complementing sites of AvaTrade and AvaFX, Forex trading could not be easier. All of the information that you need can be found with the click of a button, and both sites provide bonuses for first time deposits as well as demo accounts to help you learn the trade before you begin investing your money. One of the best ways to enjoy your trading experience is to be able to work on your own time and to trade what you want, when you want. At AvaTrade.com and AvaFX.com you can get everything that you need in order to have the best trading experience possible.

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